Oro do Sil

This wine is born in the Ribeira Sacra (Galicia, Northeast of Spain), specifically on the banks of the Sil River. The Romans used to call the wines from this region "Liquid Gold of Sil”, due to its excellent quality. The presence of the river next to the terraces where grapes are planted, creates a microclimate in this area, which favors the correct ripening of grapes, needed to produce fine wines like this. But in our research, we’ll discover that this river also has a long history behind it. This area was not only valuable for its wines, but also in the past gold was mined on the banks of the Sil River. So this region was and it is itself a genuine treasure of nature. It is a magical wine, a wine that tempts, a wine of contrasts that connects you with nature and takes you into the territory of the Ribeira Sacra. It is a very physical, elegant wine that triggers an overwhelming sensory experience. Given the characteristics of the wine and the area in which it is grown and processed, it arises the concept of Oro do Sil (word in Galician which means "The Gold of Sil River") and its graphical application, that evokes the great treasure that every bottle keeps inside.

Tutorized by: Xavier Bas
Team: Barbara Gonzalez, Lucía Eirea, Lina Yucumá.
Elisava, 2015.
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