Sybaris Gourmet

The mission of this project was to create a packaging system for a frozen gourmet product line. We called it Sybaris because the word “sybarite” (devote of luxury) has its etymological origin in Sibaris, city located in the south of Italy and known for the luxury and exquisite taste of its inhabitants. We decide to be inspired by the “Ode to the Watermelon”, a poem by Pablo Neruda. As we were selling products of really high quality, we thought that it will be great to exolt them and boast of the main ingredient of each recipe as if they were protagonists of a literary work. And so we create a system in which each meal has, as main character, the most abundant ingredient or the main flavour of the recipe. The result is a really elegant and gourmet packaging in which you can see a picture (sometimes you can see the final product through the transparent packaging) of the plate that you are going to eat, but you also can appreciate the high quality of the food that is inside the box, through the main ingredient photo and the carefully design of the graphic.

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