Design of a new pharmaceutical packaging, for Topionic from Laboratorios Esteve. Aiming to improve ergonomic characteristics and usability while at the same time providing a distinctive visual appeal. Topionic is a disinfectant and antiseptic solution, based on povidone-iodine, used for the treatment of skin wounds. The industrial design focuses on improving its usability and application method, for everyday uses, through the implementation of diverse dosage systems adapted to the specific needs of the user. Spray for the cutaneous solutions and drops for soapy solutions, both guarantying a proper hygienic application, avoiding direct contact with the affected area. In addition, the structural design is based on a formal simplification, creating a friendly and consistent perception with the product category. The graphic design is based on verticality, displaying the information in a clear and friendly user approach. The color range is maintained in the main product, preserving its original identity while introducing a color partition on the top of the products and boxes for the new presentations, in order to differentiate the range and facilitate the customer recognition.

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